5 Simple Steps to Clean and Renew your Mattress Like a Pro

5 Simple Steps to Clean and Renew your Mattress Like a Pro

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5 Simple Steps to Clean and Renew your Mattress Like a Pro

Mattresses are our sleeping soulmates who accumulate dirt and germs with time. Giving them a gentle, deep cleaning every six months is the best practice to show them your love and care.
If you want to freshen up and renew your sleeping friend like a pro, this blog post is for you. Read on. Let's understand simple mattress cleaning techniques that can give your mattress new life.

1. Read Care Guidelines and Gather Supplies

Every mattress has different components and features, so mattress cleaning techniques vary considerably. Before cleaning, always consider the dos and don'ts recommended in the manufacturer's care guide. This practice avoids potential shrinkage or fading of the mattress while cleaning.

Once you've understood the guidelines thoroughly, it's time to gather cleaning tools. You might need:

  • Vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment.
  • Hot or clean water
  • Baking Soda
  • Mild detergent
  • Clean sponges and towel

2. Strip the Bedding

Remove bed sheets, pillow covers, or any additional mattress cover that you might have on the mattress surface. Wash them in a washing machine using hot water. This step is essential to give you a healthier and more refreshing feeling later.
Meanwhile, remember to air out your mattress. You can open windows and doors of your bedroom to let fresh air in.

3. Thoroughly Vacuum Clean

Lift off all residual dirt, dust, hair, and dead skin cells by giving your mattress a thorough vacuum clean in circular motions.

4. Treat Stains and Deodorize Bicarbonate of Soda

Next, carefully examine areas of stain and discolouration on the mattress surface. Remember, always use a dabbing motion instead of rubbing when removing stains. By using a mild detergent-soaked cloth, you can fade stains. Use lukewarm water, and never overdamp the cloth. Later, pat dry the cleansed area with a towel.

Once this mattress cleaning technique is complete, you can sprinkle baking soda over the entire mattress surface for 30 minutes to remove any lingering smell. Next, vacuum-clean it again. It helps in eliminating any residual baking soda.

Spray: Mix your favorite essential oil in water and gently spray over your renewed mattress. It will give you an additional soothing and relaxed feeling.

5. Flip and Repeat

If your mattress is single-sided, flip and thoroughly vacuum clean the other side. If your mattress is double-sided, repeat the last step. Finally, return all washed bedding sheets and pillow covers and enjoy a comfy feeling with a renewed mattress.
Let your mattress air-dry for a few hours before putting it back on the bed frame.

Bonus Tips

If you've freshened up your mattress, consider applying the following bonus hacks for extra delight and sound sleep.

  • Don't put the mattress in the washing machine
  • Don't apply soda on the wet mattresses - it creates a paste that is difficult to remove.
  • Never use any dry cleaning solution- it seeps into the mattress and degrades foam, fabric, and paddings.
  • Always apply a water-proof mattress protector- it prevents spills from soaking in.
  • Air out your mattress once a month- it evaporates extra moisture and keeps it odor-free.
  • Don't allow pets on beds - their dander accumulates and causes allergies.
  • Never eat or drink on the bed- avoid accidental spills.

To freshen up the mattress, never consider these mattress cleaning techniques insignificant. Apply them and enjoy sound sleep!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gather the following supplies for cleaning your mattress:

1. A Vacuum Cleaner with Upholstery Attachment

2. Baking Soda

3. Cleaning Cloths

4. Stain Remover

5. Cold Water 

Step 1: Remove all the bedding like pillow cases, bed linen etc and wash them with detergent and cold water.

Step 2: Vacuum the entire surface of the mattress on both sides and make sure to cover all tiny spots in the corners as well as you can. 

Step 3: Sprinkle the entire surface of the mattress with Baking Soda and let it sit out in the sun for as long as you can, preferably 6-8 hours. The baking soda helps to remove any odors and absorbs any remaining moisture. 

Step 4: Vacuum the surface of the mattress again. 

Step 5: Flip the mattress and repeat the above steps. 

You may use a damp cloth with some cleaning agents to clean the surface of the mattress but make sure not to over-soak your mattress with water as this may damage the inner materials.

Using cleaning agents on the surface to spot clean is possible but make sure not to soak the mattress with too much water. You should also try to leave your mattress out in the sun for a few hours every 6-8 months as the UV rays can help kill any bacteria or odor.

No you shouldn't wash your mattress as this can cause inner materials to get soaked in water and cause damage to them.

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